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Archive for the ‘Social Media’ Category


Purple Coffee’s Creative Director Simon English presents a Master Class in Social Media and SEO to TheBestOf.co.uk

On the 17th November Simon English ran a day long social media and search engine optimisation workshop for The Best Of franchisees at The Best Of’s head office in Solihull, Birmingham. The day was intended to emphasise that having a solid framework and systematic process in place for planning social media strategies is of the upmost importance. It is common for businesses to focus on the tools of the trade, such as Facebook and Twitter, more so than the concepts that lead to success within these systems. Getting back to the core issues and providing practical case studies and other examples was used to demonstrate the value in prior planning.…Read More


Avant Garden Guernsey Website Online.

Purple Coffee’s design of the new Avant Garden website really reflects the vibrancy of Avant Garden’s shop at Sausmarez Manor, Guernsey. The innumerable interior and exterior offerings on offer at Avant Garden provided much inspiration for the new design. The shop is a sensual treat; filled with beautiful textures, bright colours and amazing smells, couple this together with its tranquil setting at Sausmarez Manor and you’ll be hard pushed to find a more stimulating shopping experience in Guernsey.…Read More


Outdoor Guernsey & Purple Coffee Web Design Embrace Facebook & Social Media Marketing

Over the last month Outdoor Guernsey and Purple Coffee have been embracing social media, summer is finally upon the Channel Islands and Outdoor Guernsey thought it was about time to get talking with their clients from both Guernsey and further afield in new ways. At Purple Coffee many of our clients have been embracing new media communications techniques such as Facebook and Twitter to complement their website design solutions, providing their clients with a real insight into the personalities that make up their businesses, keep in touch with clients and further promote their highly regarded outdoor activities available throughout the Channel Islands.…Read More


Social Media Marketing: Social Media Summary for Guernsey Business’s

Social media marketing is engagement with online communities and audiences to generate business exposure, opportunity and further sales or interaction. Key advantages include generating exposure for the business, followed by increasing traffic and building new business partnerships and relationships with audiences. There are many methods and dynamics associated with SMM, this article aims to highlight the key areas in which SMM can be advantageous to business.…Read More


The Four Pillars of Social Media Marketing: Social Media good for Business?

It’s no secret that the marketing sector is rapidly evolving. Many of us can find examples in our own lives to this effect. The way we read the news, the way we communicate with friends, or the way in which we organise business are all adapting. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, the list is endless. Social networking tools come and go, their features change day to day, but the fundamentals of social information sharing and distribution seem set to stay. The principles of communication within media organisations are changing; interaction with audiences is vital in today’s marketing landscape. Business’s can no longer rely on one way liner distribution models to deliver content to their audiences, online interaction is increasingly nodal and this must be reflected in new marketing strategies. So how can businesses equip themselves for this transcendence?…Read More


Do social networks shape us, or do we shape them? Social networks mean business.

Social networking in the form of websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now Google’s Buzz are becoming an increasingly unavoidable factor of everyday life for many individuals, businesses and organisations. So with this social networking prevalence and its increasing accessibility in the form of apps for mobile devices, what does this mean for the way we shape our identities and how we present ourselves to others? Do we shape our identities online or do social information systems shape us? Do we pay a price for our self expression?…Read More