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Archive for the ‘Sci-Fi’ Category


A History of Apple & Innovation: The social price of technological innovation; what would Orwell think?

When looking to the future it is often wise to consider society’s past concerns to provide a framework for contextual analysis. Considering tablet style computing in general conjures up thoughts of George Orwell’s dystopian science fiction masterpiece, 1984. In the novel Orwell depicts the struggle of society as it finds itself in a state of increasing social and economic cohesion with that of machines.…Read More


A History of Apple & Innovation: Defining innovation; is it a matter of perspective?

Many of Apple’s “innovations”, namely the iPad and Apple’s other touch screen devices, have successfully integrated within the consumer market after having gone through a lengthy product evolution that draws influences from science fiction, previous products and existing technologies. So are Apple’s latest generation of touch screen devices truly innovative or are they a timely and intuitive combination of existing ideas, concepts and technology?…Read More


A History of Apple & Innovation: From Star Trek’s PADD to Apple’s iPad

Apple are often extremely intuitive in the marketing of their products, well they didn’t miss the trick with the iPad either. The iPad advertising campaign featured many examples of the iPad displaying Star Trek related imagery and content, couple this together with the striking resemblance in name and visual form and one can confidently assume there is a little more than co-incidence involved.…Read More