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Archive for the ‘Marketing’ Category


Outdoor Guernsey & Purple Coffee Web Design Embrace Facebook & Social Media Marketing

Over the last month Outdoor Guernsey and Purple Coffee have been embracing social media, summer is finally upon the Channel Islands and Outdoor Guernsey thought it was about time to get talking with their clients from both Guernsey and further afield in new ways. At Purple Coffee many of our clients have been embracing new media communications techniques such as Facebook and Twitter to complement their website design solutions, providing their clients with a real insight into the personalities that make up their businesses, keep in touch with clients and further promote their highly regarded outdoor activities available throughout the Channel Islands.…Read More


A History of Apple & Innovation: From Star Trek’s PADD to Apple’s iPad

Apple are often extremely intuitive in the marketing of their products, well they didn’t miss the trick with the iPad either. The iPad advertising campaign featured many examples of the iPad displaying Star Trek related imagery and content, couple this together with the striking resemblance in name and visual form and one can confidently assume there is a little more than co-incidence involved.…Read More


A History of Apple & Innovation: I’m a Mac! I’m a PC!

Apple cleverly use advertising to further contribute to the cohesion of personality, machine and products. Take for example the famous series of Apple adverts “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” which served to personify the Apple Computer and its market competition “PC”. The series of adverts attempted to construct, what is in the eyes of the audience, was a simple choice; to be a trendy, young or forward thinking person, epitomised by the Apple product range, or instead choose the path of a clunky, nerdy and somewhat bemused individual, epitomised by the “PC” product range.…Read More


The Four Pillars of Social Media Marketing: Social Media good for Business?

It’s no secret that the marketing sector is rapidly evolving. Many of us can find examples in our own lives to this effect. The way we read the news, the way we communicate with friends, or the way in which we organise business are all adapting. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, the list is endless. Social networking tools come and go, their features change day to day, but the fundamentals of social information sharing and distribution seem set to stay. The principles of communication within media organisations are changing; interaction with audiences is vital in today’s marketing landscape. Business’s can no longer rely on one way liner distribution models to deliver content to their audiences, online interaction is increasingly nodal and this must be reflected in new marketing strategies. So how can businesses equip themselves for this transcendence?…Read More