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Archive for the ‘IT Crime’ Category


Global Information Technology: Sociological or Criminal Revolution?

Human communications mediums have always been an integral part of the way societies group, organize and distribute information among one another, they are essential for organization in all forms, but never before has mankind had available to them a vast medium of interconnected nodes such as the Internet, that seemingly transcends the physical boundaries of time and space with ease, with this phenomenon comes enormous advantages and benefits for the global networks and societies it creates, but like many developing technologies, it posses increasing risks and concerns that are often neglected. Employment, entertainment, education, and numerous other aspects of society have been impacted by this technological revolution. IT and the Internet has become an integral part of organizational systems, in their many forms across the globe. In some sense we have created a dependence and Co-existence with machines that cannot be reversed without re-structuring the very organizational structures that make use of and grow out of these technologies. …Read More


How does the increasing use of Information Technology within Global Societies impact Crime and Criminal Networks?

Information technology and the technological revolution of recent decades have had a broad reaching affect on many aspects of life for global societies; commerce, employment, education, entertainment and many other aspects of society have been impacted by information technology and its apparent cohesion with the day to day activities of people all over the world. Such technological advancements have been shown to have many positive effects on society, but with these advancements it seems only fitting that the scales are balanced by a number of negatives, such as the emergence of information technology related crimes.…Read More