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Archive for the ‘Information Management’ Category


Global Information Technology: Sociological or Criminal Revolution?

Human communications mediums have always been an integral part of the way societies group, organize and distribute information among one another, they are essential for organization in all forms, but never before has mankind had available to them a vast medium of interconnected nodes such as the Internet, that seemingly transcends the physical boundaries of time and space with ease, with this phenomenon comes enormous advantages and benefits for the global networks and societies it creates, but like many developing technologies, it posses increasing risks and concerns that are often neglected. Employment, entertainment, education, and numerous other aspects of society have been impacted by this technological revolution. IT and the Internet has become an integral part of organizational systems, in their many forms across the globe. In some sense we have created a dependence and Co-existence with machines that cannot be reversed without re-structuring the very organizational structures that make use of and grow out of these technologies. …Read More


Information Management Online – Here, Now & The Future

So how is information management online progressing? What are we doing to ensure information retains usefulness to those that have access to it and how is the commercial influence on the industry shaping the tools we use today to access information?…Read More


Information Management Online – Search Evolution

Search technologies are always pushing forward and allowing users greater flexibility in the way they search for and manage the information they retrieve. The days of search being reliant on a long ordered list of blue links are likely to dissolve. It is useful to consider why search developments take place? It would be encouraging…Read More


Information Management Online – Evolution, Equality and Accessibility

Information and knowledge management online is rapidly changing. New advances in technology and the accessibility of new media devices are allowing users to access information in a variety of contexts that don’t require them to be sat at their PC. As these developments continue it becomes increasingly important to consider the perspectives from which different societies and user groups access information. What is seemingly beneficial or usable to western users, born into societies where IT is not only accessible, it is a cohesive part of everyday existence, is not the necessarily accessible and usable to other less developed countries.…Read More