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Archive for the ‘Education’ Category


A History of Apple & Innovation: Mythology of the Apple Brand & Commodity Camaraderie

Design communities are awash with subcultures that are bound together by common production goals or the use of similar production tools, many of which are built around computer driven media. Unlike historical cultures where formation is often bound by the constraints of geography, time and space, technocultures are able to bridge oceans and continents in seconds and have very little prohibiting their spread of common goals, ideals or beliefs. Apple’s ability to construct a technoculture around its brand ethos and products has allowed them to create a loyal customer following.…Read More


Online Communications & Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL)

“Today, student learning is no longer confined to a physical space. Computers and the Internet have broken through school walls, giving students greater opportunities to personalize their education, access distant resources, receive extra help or more-challenging assignments, and engage in learning in new and unique ways.” (SPELLINGS, M, 2008)…Read More