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Archive for the ‘E-Commerce’ Category


Purple Coffee Interactive Launches Pink Turtle Trading Website

This marks the completion of phase one of Pink Turtles website development. We look forward to an ongoing working relationship as the SEO and social media marketing campaign gets underway. Purple Coffee aim to utilise social media systems and analytics to provide Pink Turtle with a cost effective way to present products to new markets, while having the tools they need in place to measure the ROI of the website and make informed marketing decisions for the future.…Read More


Online vs. Offline Shopping – Consumer Choice or Retail Bully Tactics?

In today’s retail environment the shop floor has transcended into cyberspace and traditional consumer boundaries of access to products and services have skewed. With this comes a multitude of purchasing options for today’s web savvy shoppers, all accessible in a second from innumerable vendors and locations. A technological advantage for some, or a confusing plethora of unneeded options for others? One thing’s for sure, our individual shopping preferences and tendencies can really demonstrate a lot about ourselves.…Read More


E-Commerce and Online Shoppers

E-commerce is really set to innovate they way it offers its products to consumers, as attempts to maximise hits to sales ratios for business’s becomes more than preferable but essential.…Read More