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Purple Coffee’s Creative Director Simon English presents a Master Class in Social Media and SEO to TheBestOf.co.uk

On the 17th November Simon English ran a day long social media and search engine optimisation workshop for The Best Of franchisees at The Best Of’s head office in Solihull, Birmingham.

So what is The Best Of? The Best Of champions the best businesses from across the United Kingdom based on region. It aims to engage with local people and provide them with a voice to let communities know what they think of the local businesses in their area. The very nature or The Best Of business model promotes the spread of social information, ideas and opinions. It’s openness and transparency, combined with a great network of websites and franchisees has led to widespread success and acclaim.

In the UK alone The Best Of has over 350 franchises and promotes over 65’000 of the best “local” businesses in the United Kingdom, as well as Guernsey of course! The business was originally setup by renowned entrepreneur Nigel Botterill who has led many businesses to national success.

When we were invited to fly over from Guernsey to provide a master class in social media and search engine optimisation to a large group of it’s franchisees we jumped at the chance. The day allowed the franchisees to benefit from a broad overview of disciplines; each area of the presentation was designed to equip franchisees with the necessary knowledge and framework to set out an effective social media and SEO strategy for their business.

The day was intended to emphasise that having a solid framework and systematic process in place for planning social media strategies is of the upmost importance. It is common for businesses to focus on the tools of the trade, such as Facebook and Twitter, more so than the concepts that lead to success within these systems. Getting back to the core issues and providing practical case studies and other examples was used to demonstrate the value in prior planning.

The day was well received and we have since received many kind words from those who attended. Testimonials can be found on The Best of Guernsey; your resource for determining the best and most trusted businesses in the island.

“I recently attended a social media training course run by Simon and found it very beneficial. The whole day was informative and was directed at a pace that was understandable to all levels within the room. I came back eager to put what was learned into action and now have a better understanding of many tools that are available within social media. I would recommend one of Simon’s courses to anyone wishing to learn more about growing their business through social media!”

Three core areas were covered during the day long social media and search engine optimisation workshop:

Website and Social Media Content Planning:

  • Why content planning is essential and effective.
  • What people are searching for in your local area?
  • When are people searching for your content?
  • How are they searching for content, what tools do they use and why?
  • How to identify keywords for use in effective copywriting.
  • How does Google look at all of this?

Route to Market and Content Distribution:

  • How should I distribute my content?
  • Where should I distribute it to?
  • Where should I distribute it from?
  • When and how often should I distribute my content?
  • Why should I vary my content types?
  • What tools can I use to make my life easier?
  • What are the benefits of linking systems? A search engine optimisation guide.

Interaction within Social Systems such as Facebook and Twitter:

  • Best practice when interacting with audiences in social media environments.
  • How should I present my content and information?
  • How can I make changes to improve and diversify these social systems?
  • How to promote your social space?
  • How can I identify the positives and negatives of my activities?
  • How can I make use of web based analytics to determine future online marketing direction?


Simon English said...

Hey Paul, glad you found it interesting. Yes there is a possibility I may be doing a few similar events in Guernsey in the near future…will keep you posted. Likely to be to the chamber of commerce, content is likely to be a little broader for local audiences as I had quite a defined audience at the best of.


Paul Wood said...

Good stuff Si, slides are very interesting. You got any more of these events planned?