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Guernsey Web Design Company Purple Coffee attend “The Guernsey Small Business Seminar – A Passion for Business”

Today marked the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce small business networking event – “A Passion for Business.” The event held at St Pierre Park Hotel in Guernsey was a fantastic chance for local businesses to learn from guest speakers, network with and learn from one another.

Notable guest speaker Derek Coates described his business journey from his days at school right up until the formation of well known Guernsey based businesses Blue Islands; serving Guernsey’s need for a low cost airline and Healthspan; the UK’s number one supplier of vitamins and health supplements.

Guernsey Small Business Seminar - The Chamber of Commerce Guernsey

Mr Coates really provided an insight into his life journey and emphasised the need to remain at the forefront of your business activities despite its growth or apparent level of self-sustainability. It was clear from listening to Mr Coates that often business success is attributed to the ability to remain flexible and ready to change direction or focus when evolving opportunities arise. Given the ever changing nature of web design and digital media in Guernsey, this was of particular relevance to us.

Social media marketing in the form of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for Guernsey businesses was a hot topic of conversation. Purple Coffee has recently returned from delivering a Social Media and SEO (search engine optimisation) workshop in Birmingham, so we were very excited to see that Guernsey businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the businesses and communication merits such social networks herald. We look forward to supporting Guernsey businesses in identifying how and when to use social media. Purple Coffee feels strongly that correct and responsible planning of social media activities is integral success for businesses. Many Guernsey based businesses find social media an intimidating prospect and require guidance and assistance to make the right decisions rather than making hasty ones based on the relative accessibility and availability of social media platforms and tools.

The day was concluded with a speed networking exercise which gave Guernsey businesses the chance to pitch and get to know one another in strict three minute slots! Elevator pitches at the ready, businesses rushed around the room in a crazed frenzy of conversation and business card exchange.

Thanks must go to the all the guest speakers, NatWest Guernsey branch for sponsoring the event and to The Learning Company for co-ordinating much of the days activities.

Looking for integrated Web Design and Social Media Marketing plans that work? Look no further than Purple Coffee Guernsey. Here’s what our customers have to say:

“If you have an appreciation of the importance of the internet to your business, but lack the technical expertise to implement your ideas, Purple Coffee is the perfect partner. With one foot in the commercial world and the other in cyberspace, we found Purple Coffee to be the perfect guide in an unfamiliar landscape. By taking the time to understand our business, they over-delivered on our expectations and provided a catalyst for future innovation.” Martyn Streeting, Foodlink Channel Islands.

“I attended a Social Media training session which was run by Simon. The day was full of useful information and practical advice on how to get the most from participation in online social media. It is evident that Simon ‘knows his stuff’ and was able to explain and answer a wide range of questions. We also took away a range of handouts – which add further detail to that delivered on the course. Business involvement in social media can be beneficial on a number of levels if you know what you are doing – or a waste of time and effort if you dont. Speaking to the experts is worth the investment, and I would certainly recommend Simon.” – Jan Bowers, Director at The Best of Bradford & The Best Of Huddersfield.

More testimonials available at The Best of Guernsey.

The Face of Guernsey Web Design and Social Media


Simon English said...

Hi Jo, thanks for your comment. I will be in touch via email very soon regarding social media. In the meantime if your interested in that sort of thing and would like to do some background reading, I would recommend Mashable’s Social Media section…you can find it here: http://mashable.com/social-media/


Jo Stoddart said...

The Chamber of Commerce seminar was a great day and very interesting and has certainly made me realise that I need to get into the whole Social Media side of things….!