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Purple Coffee Guernsey feature in the July issue of Business Brief Magazine discussing Web Design and Social Media for the Channel Islands.

Purple Coffee has been featured in the July Issue of Business Briefs new “Fresh” section. Fresh takes a closer look and Guernsey’s up and coming businesses.

Purple Coffee feature in Business Brief

“Business Brief comes of age in 2010. It will be 21 years since the magazine was first published. In that time it has grown from a fairly simple black and white newsletter covering business in Jersey, to a full colour high quality publication covering a wide range of subjects of interest to business people and community leaders throughout the whole Channel Islands. The magazine also tries to take a pan-island perspective of issues of importance to the whole Channel Islands. It is in a special position as the islands begin to work much more closely together. Every month the magazine includes special reports on subjects of importance to local business leaders, ranging from new technology and training to the workplace environment and health and safety.” – This is Guernsey

One of the aspects of Business Brief that Purple Coffee admired was their progressive attitude towards publishing. As well as producing and printing a physical copy of the publication, Business Brief is also published online on the This is Guernsey website. The July issue of Business Brief Magazine also featured one of Purple Coffee’s Guernsey clients Avant Garden. Purple Coffee continues to provide Avant Garden with Web Design and Social Media Marketing services.

Here’s a transcript of the article:

Guernsey Company Purple Coffee Limited, which specialises in providing web design and social media marketing services, was founded by Guernseyman Simon English and Portsmouth based web developer Gareth Evans. After graduating from Portsmouth University and several years working across the South and West of England, Simon returned to Guernsey to challenge orthodox agency working styles; providing a service that puts clients in direct contact with web designers rather than with salespersons or account managers.

Clients’ input and opinions are the most important aspect of any project; and by keeping communications simple and direct Purple Coffee believes they can prevent essential information getting lost in translation. The non-essential middlemen often serve to slow down the design process and may result in additional overheads that often get passed on to clients.

By putting experts rather than sales people in front of clients the company is able to offer free consultation of real value, enabling projects to evolve as they move forward. “We believe that it is important to provide clients with a point of contact that has the knowledge necessary to ensure informed decisions can be made every step of the way,” Simon said.

“We take pride in the products we build with our customers and value close working relationships. Quality, clarity, accessibility and usability are at the core of everything we do. We put our energy into building integrated web design and online marketing campaigns that make it easier for our clients to communicate with new and existing audiences.”

Purple Coffee is a social company, both offline and online. The web is an increasingly interconnected and social environment. This creates many new challenges and opportunities for businesses. Today’s consumers value openness and transparency from organisations irrespective of their size and seek to communicate with them online. Purple Coffee has specialist knowledge in user behaviour within systems such as Facebook and Twitter. Social networks are great for business, whether increasing brand exposure or monitoring and communicating with your audience, you can be sure to connect with new markets.

Simon says: “We focus on providing our clients with a service that is honestly priced and appropriate to their needs. We are strong advocates of open source technologies such as content management solution Wordpress, and believe we can reduce our client’s costs, while providing them with future proof solutions that can continually benefit from community driven improvements as technology moves forward. Google are a prime example of this social model, harnessing community driven collaboration and development of technology to provide a product that directly reflects the wants and needs of audiences.”

Purple Coffee look forward to continued success and building on both new and existing relationships in the Channel Islands and further afield.

Simon English is a Director of Purple Coffee Limited.  Simon graduated from Portsmouth University in 2007 with a BA in Interactive Media and is currently working towards an MFA in European Interactive Multimedia in his spare time.