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Avant Garden Guernsey Website Online.

Purple Coffee Guernsey web design is happy to announce that the new Avant Garden Guernsey website is now live! From stylish and practical garden furniture in the latest maintenance-free materials to decorative garden accessories, lighting and tableware, proprietor Nick Martel has something to enhance every home and garden in Guernsey.

With more than 25 years experience in the home and garden retail industry, Nick is renowned for his good taste and eye for the unusual. This meant that Nick had a discerning eye for design and was in search of a website that was unique and visually striking.

Guernsey Web Design specialists:

Purple Coffee’s design of the new Avant Garden website really reflects the vibrancy of Avant Garden’s shop at Sausmarez Manor, Guernsey. The innumerable interior and exterior offerings on offer at Avant Garden provided much inspiration for the new design. The shop is a sensual treat; filled with beautiful textures, bright colours and amazing smells, couple this together with its tranquil setting at Sausmarez Manor and you’ll be hard pushed to find a more stimulating shopping experience in Guernsey.

Social Media Marketing:

Further to designing Avant Garden’s new website, Purple Coffee will be co-ordinating a Social Media Marketing campaign to allow Avant Garden to interact with new and existing clients in numerous interactive settings such as Facebook and Twitter. Much of the marketing data gathered from this interaction will be used to continually re-define the way Avant Garden communicate and offer their products to their Guernsey customers.

Print Media and Advertising:

To complement Avant Garden’s online marketing campaign Purple Coffee have designed a Bus Advert to be featured throughout the year on the back of one lucky Guernsey Bus! A combination of targeted traditional advertising and comprehensive online marketing strategy will ensure that Avant Garden is effectively advertised to the Guernsey community both online and offline.


Avant Garden Guernsey Website Online. said...

[...] Avant Garden Guernsey Website Online. [...]


Simon English said...

Check out the Avant Garden Guernsey Facebook Page: http://bit.ly/aPYmbK Client feedback is looking great!