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Outdoor Guernsey & Purple Coffee Web Design Embrace Facebook & Social Media Marketing

Over the last month Outdoor Guernsey and Purple Coffee have been embracing social media, summer is finally upon the Channel Islands and Outdoor Guernsey thought it was about time to get talking with their clients from both Guernsey and further afield in new ways. At Purple Coffee many of our clients have been embracing new media communications techniques such as Facebook and Twitter to complement their website design solutions, providing their clients with a real insight into the personalities that make up their businesses, allowing them to keep in touch with clients and further promote their products and services throughout the Channel Islands.

“Si and Gareth have completely redesigned the Outdoor Guernsey website with a great understanding of my personal and business needs. Their care and attention to detail is hugely impressive and their customer service is awesome. The CMS was designed around my needs and to all my requests and preferences but the guys still make sure that efficiency, usability and effectiveness are paramount and I now accept their advice (almost) without question. Complementary skills, great value and personability round off a superb package. We are now working on an exciting social networking package for my business, with the most important thing for me the ‘WE’.” – Ant Ford Parker, Outdoor Guernsey.

We are really excited to be promoting such a well regarded local business. Outdoor Guernsey have a great reputation locally and are awesome to work with, we want to help complement their marketing campaign with a social media strategy that will allow them to solidify their market position, while pushing themselves into new markets. The soon to be released Outdoor Guernsey blog will act as a central hub of the campaign, providing Outdoor Guernsey with an infrastructure that allows them to push new content to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter with relative ease, while ensuring this benefit is felt by the website itself.

A Google Analytics package has been put in place to allow Purple Coffee and Outdoor Guernsey to monitor the effectiveness of the social media campaign and provide a measurement of return on investment. Information is key to making informed marketing decisions; using Google Analytics really provides Guernsey businesses with a way to accurately build a picture of their client’s movements to, within and from their website. Purple Coffee continue to work closely with Ant Ford Parker to ensure that the social media marketing campaign evolves smoothly and that Ant builds the skills necessary to confidently manage his Facebook pages and blog.

“I think the whole social media explosion of the last few years is extremely important to us in a number of ways. Getting information out (marketing) and receiving feedback has always been a difficult or expensive task, but necessary for a business to grow and evolve. With social networking we can to interact like never before with our customers and reach potential customers through our interactions. It enables our business ethics, direction or beliefs (branding) to become more noticeable as we interact with complementary businesses or organisations. It has enabled us to solve specific problems, such as sharing photos of customers on activities. Previously a lot of time was spent emailing clients with the files. Now we simply share on Facebook or Flickr.

Building relationships with customers and the business community has now become something you can manage from your laptop, information sharing and feedback receiving is much easier and more visible, this also means that giving quality service and maintaining a high standard is extremely important, as word soon gets around.  EBay was successful because the feedback system allowed users to be confident that they could trust the seller, the same applies in the social media network.

For Outdoor Guernsey it has been important to develop and learn about this new way of marketing in partnership with a team that not only has high technical skills, but a deep understanding of how social interaction works and its relevance to our business. It is important for us to be continually involved in social interaction so we can innovate and evolve. Purple Coffee has delivered on all counts and the promise is for more innovation and change in the future.” – Ant Ford Parker, Outdoor Guernsey.

Purple Coffee and Outdoor Guernsey have also worked with Kate Heywood from thebestofguernsey. The Best of Guernsey promote both Outdoor Guernsey and Purple Coffee through their website made up entirely of local Guernsey businesses which have been recommended by local people and have great reputations on the island. Kate really understands the value of online marketing and through The Best of Guernsey has established a variety of marketing tools to promote the member businesses including testimonials, member offers, e-newsletters, blogging, social media promotion and more recently the introduction of a very innovative product to raise brand awareness – viral gaming. Kate provides both Purple Coffee and Outdoor Guernsey with fantastic marketing support to further complement and enhance their marketing strategies.

The use of social media platforms such as Facebook provides a central way to not only advertise to, but interact with new audiences. It is this interaction that is of real value. Outdoor Guernsey are able to transparently offer their services to their audience in an interactive setting that allows their audience to provide Ant with the information he needs to refine his services into exactly what his customers want.

To find out more about Purple Coffees social media marketing services why not check out our services page or give us a shout!


Corporate logos said...

Got to give compliment to great designers. I love looking at their work. It’s great when you find original ones.


Simon English said...

Check out Purple Coffee taking some time out from web design to go Coasteering with Outdoor Guernsey: