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Archive for March, 2010


Social Media Marketing: Social Media Summary for Guernsey Business’s

Social media marketing is engagement with online communities and audiences to generate business exposure, opportunity and further sales or interaction. Key advantages include generating exposure for the business, followed by increasing traffic and building new business partnerships and relationships with audiences. There are many methods and dynamics associated with SMM, this article aims to highlight the key areas in which SMM can be advantageous to business.…Read More


Top 5 Reasons why Wordpress Web Design Solutions Work for Guernsey Business

WordPress has been attracting some good press and some big brands of late. EBay, Yahoo, The New York Times and Ford to name a few! So what is WordPress and why is it suitable for Guernsey businesses? WordPress is an open source platform that found its roots in blogging and has quickly transcended into the realm of website content management. So why should your Guernsey business consider a Wordpress Blog or Content Management System?…Read More


Purple Coffee Interactive Launches Pink Turtle Trading Website

This marks the completion of phase one of Pink Turtles website development. We look forward to an ongoing working relationship as the SEO and social media marketing campaign gets underway. Purple Coffee aim to utilise social media systems and analytics to provide Pink Turtle with a cost effective way to present products to new markets, while having the tools they need in place to measure the ROI of the website and make informed marketing decisions for the future.…Read More