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Archive for January, 2010


Purple Coffee Guernsey Launch John Pepper Consultancy Website.

The entire project workflow was managed at a distance from Guernsey and Portsmouth; John never had to meet Purple Coffee face to face. This project highlights the fact that with intuitive use of social media, and good communications, that workflow at a distance can minimise costs for clients and result in a great overall web design product.…Read More


Purple Coffee Launch Healthchek Guernsey Website.

Purple Coffee Interactive are pleased to announce the launch of the Healthchek website. Healthchek are a Health and Fitness company based in Guernsey, Channel Islands. Healthchek needed a website that would allow their team of personal trainers to update their own individual content and web pages, as well as providing the Healthchek brand with a fresh and accessible design to communicate effectively with their Guernsey clients.…Read More


Purple Coffee Launch Get Fit Guernsey Website.

We are happy to announce the launch of the Get Fit Guernsey website. Get Fit Guernsey is a Health and Fitness studio based in Guernsey, Channel Islands. They needed a website that would allow them to update their own content and edit pages, as well as providing useful downloads and resources for their Guernsey clients to make use of between workout sessions. The Get Fit Guernsey website is makes use of a customised wordpress system that allows full control over both static pages and the Get Fit Guernsey blog.…Read More


Online Communications & Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL)

“Today, student learning is no longer confined to a physical space. Computers and the Internet have broken through school walls, giving students greater opportunities to personalize their education, access distant resources, receive extra help or more-challenging assignments, and engage in learning in new and unique ways.” (SPELLINGS, M, 2008)…Read More


Outdoor Guernsey Web Design Goes Live.

We are happy to announce the launch of the new Outdoor Guernsey website. Purple Coffee have been working closely with Outdoor Guernsey over the last few months to create a bespoke content managed system to process their online bookings and help increase the efficiency of their online communications with their Guernsey clients.…Read More


Guernsey Web Design Company Purple Coffee Interactive Wins Web Design Award

Purple Coffee recently received an “Honourable Mention” and second place in the interfaceSPACE Design Awards 2009 on renowned web designer’s portal deviantart.com. Our blog design titled “Textured Blog Layout” was selected by interfaceSPACE’s judges from DeviantArts user base of approximately 11 million members. This was no easy feat considering deviantart.com receives in the region of 100’000 user’s submissions daily!…Read More


Google Considers Pulling Out of China on the Principles of Equal Access to Information

Google announced today in a lengthy article on the Google blog that it refused to continue censoring its Chinese version of its world dominant search engine. This comes as a result of alleged breaches in Google’s infrastructure in an attempt to access the personal email accounts of Chinese human rights activists. Speculation is rife that China’s government is to blame for such attempted privacy breaches.…Read More


Global Information Technology: Sociological or Criminal Revolution?

Human communications mediums have always been an integral part of the way societies group, organize and distribute information among one another, they are essential for organization in all forms, but never before has mankind had available to them a vast medium of interconnected nodes such as the Internet, that seemingly transcends the physical boundaries of time and space with ease, with this phenomenon comes enormous advantages and benefits for the global networks and societies it creates, but like many developing technologies, it posses increasing risks and concerns that are often neglected. Employment, entertainment, education, and numerous other aspects of society have been impacted by this technological revolution. IT and the Internet has become an integral part of organizational systems, in their many forms across the globe. In some sense we have created a dependence and Co-existence with machines that cannot be reversed without re-structuring the very organizational structures that make use of and grow out of these technologies. …Read More